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VFest aka V.A.G.I.N.A. fest (Violence Against Girls Is Not Acceptable). 2013 Feb 12th – Feb 16th


V-Fest is a benefit concert series in solidarity with V-Day, an anti-violence and women’s liberation movement.
Previously Vfests have benefited Peaceful Paths, Chrysallis Community, ISO, Civic Media Center, and the national Vday fund. This year will be benefiting the CMC and Peaceful Paths.
(This is the concert series. Check out more Vday inspired activities in your community and across the planet

We will be playing in Gainesville in the courtyard of the Civic Media Center on February 13th 2013. With the The Womyn’s Noise Choir (Gainesville) 8-piece all womyn feminist art band

-Swamp Witch (Lake Worth)

-Witch Titz (Gainesville)

-Readings, Poetry, and Rage from Autumn Springs (lake worth) and Brandi Adair (Gainesville)

This year’s Vfest will be benefiting the CMC and Peaceful Paths.
The CMC Courtyard show goes to benefit the CMC (in full).

And more info is posted heres:
Vfest 2013 Feb 12-16 (Gainesville, FL)