Back from Georgia…


Well we had the sweetest of times on our 3-day tour of Georgia. The first night was Flicker Bar in Athens this place was very hip being located right next door to the 40-watt they had Schlitz on Tap we played with 2 amazing bands plus our good friends Street Violence. Plus we met up with Pennsylvania’s own House with a Yard which has Davey Wallace which is one of Jordan’s childhood friends from when he lived in Pennsylvania.

We followed Street Violence back to Atlanta after the show in Athens we stayed at Trevor and Will’s house from Street Violence where there was homemade jams(including Jalapeno Apple) and fine craft beer on tap. We woke up on Friday morning and contacted Cole of Street Violence who invited us over for some Farmer’s Market coffee then we were told that we needed to go to the Farmer’s Market and we were going to but we decided we wanted to eat at one of our favorite ATL spots Elmyr  in Little 5-Points the Nacho Burrito was tits.  The show was at a house called The Cottage which looked like a huge castle and had a sweet bomb shelter we played in the basement with AntBrain and Gun Party this was a super fun time then we went to hang out with Gun Party at their house where we all got pretty loose.

We found out that if you live in Atlanta that its required to like Outkast. Which I would say is very similar to Central Pennsylvania and being required to like Penn State Football(but Outkast is way cooler). I’d like to share with you the best Atlanta quote about Outkast.

“Big Boi and Andre just kept spitting and spitting and spitting till everybody got wet” ~ Gun Party

Saturday Morning we drove around aimlessly trying to find this biscuit place we ate at last time we were in Atlanta. We ended up giving Cole a call and he reminded us that it was called Flying Biscuit and we found it and had the best breakfast ever at the crack of 2pm. After we were able to move again after eating Todd and Jordan went in to Full Moon Records to look around Todd ended up scoring pretty big with some sweet cassettes and come fine LPs. Then we went to bother Cole at work at Arden’s Garden and all three of the Tams did Grand Slams which made all of them feel like they could conquer anything. The last show was at The Music Room underneath Pizzeria Vesuivus we played with Mogul Street Reserve and The Long Shadows this place was very aesthetically pleasing with tons of wood and abstract paintings on the wall the pin pong tables didn’t quite add up but they made the experience better. Besides the door man running off with the loot which was a little un-nerving but thank goodness for good friends cause Street Violence stepped up and footed the bill for us to get back to Florida and they promised to beat the hooker down that took the money really an act of bringing their band name to life.

But we are now back in Orlando and we are slated to start the tracking for this LP we have been working on plus the next time you guys can catch us live in Orlando will be 2/29/2012 at Will’s Pub we will be playing with Andy D and Thee Wilt Chamberlain so be sure to make it out for that.

Georgia we love you and it was hard to leave you but fear not for we shall return soon.


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