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Natural Child For Wheelies This Time


Now I know we might have been fooled before about this awesome band from Nashville coming to play Orlando before. But I can assure you this time that it is for real. So you heard it hear Natural Child is playing on January 28th 2012 at Sandwich Bar in the Milk District. Its 5 bones come and see us break a fire code or too. Also if you want to show hop there is a show right next door at Space Bar.


Shows This Month


Surfer’s Pub
350 N. Orlando Ave Cocoa Beach,FL
with Mother Machine

Sandwich Bar
with Natural Child, Raw Dealer, Girls on the Beach

Peacock Room
with The Bee’s Knees, Raja Khan, Thee Wilt Chamberlain, Palm Smoochers

Tits on the Ritz Tape


The other day I found a mix-tape I had made back when I lived at House of Dank. Back then I didn’t own a mp3 player I only had a cassette walkmen. So I used to make bad-ass tapes for myself to listen to on my bike ride to work. This one is called “Tits on the Ritz” and it might just be the greatest mix-tape I have ever made.  And now for the first time ever you too can own your very own copy of this 90 minute long tape filled to the brim with hot buttery jams. Today I handmade 9 copies of this killer tape which will be sold for the first time ever at our show tomorrow at Uncle Lou’s in Orlando,FL they at $5 and worth every penny so I hope you enjoy.


P.S. I will post the track-list tomorrow night.

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