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Video from Uncle Lou’s


Thanks to Tantrum Dan for this video of our show at Uncle Lou’s on August 12th 2011.

this is when Donny Rocks…… Rocks


Come on down to Uncle Lou’s Beach


Its not far not hard reach, you can ride your bike to Uncle Lou’s Beach! Tonight we will be welcoming our friends we made the last time we were on the road. We met Huntsville’s own Piss Shivers in Tuscaloosa,AL right before the tornado’s ripped through. We had pretty interesting house show at their house where people were thrown up and down with a mattress kinda like that parachute game from gym class. So come out to see their first appearance in Orlando at the world famous Uncle Lou’s.

Doors at 9pm then opening the night will be Orlando Beach’s own Thee Wilt Chamberlain then be sure to see the home wrecking Tornado Surf of Alabama Slammers Piss Shivers then we will close out the night with the best No-Surf you ever heard. Plus this will be a good time to wish Nina good luck on her tour with Wet Nurse which starts tomorrow. This is me our last show until she gets back so come out and have a good time.