Snow covered mountain tops


After we left Daikaiju in Forth Worth,TX. This show was pretty excellent we made a bunch of new friends and got to hang out with a three-legged dog. Elmo Jone’s Metal Music Complex was a hidden jem. The metal complex was complete with its own metal church.

Then we got a message from our friends Saucy Yoda and Mythological Horses about playing a show in Tulsa,OK. It was a pretty long drive through no man’s land to get to Tulsa and when we got there it was quite strange. It was a all age venue so the crowd was very young and the bar only served 3.2 beers and we had to make it to the liquor store before 7pm because thats when it closed Plus we were only to drink backstage which was weird. The kids wouldn’t dance for nothing they just stood there.  The show apparently ran late and ran past midnight. We were suppose to sleep at the venue over night then leave for St. Paul,MN in the morning. But due to a minor fight between our hosts we decided to pack up and head out early to St.Paul. After a quick stop for a nap in a parking lot we drove for what seemed forever to the northern most point of the tour. There was 4″ of snow on the ground when we arrived in St.Paul,MN. We played at Big V’s Saloon which was a pretty sweet northern bar the show as interesting but we connected with some people. Then we stayed with Todd’s friend Ryan and that was sweet we did all things you do in Minnesota we got piss pounded and went sledding plus Todd enjoyed some fresh wide-mouth bass. Plus Grain Belt was a pretty tasty local cheap beer. We stayed in Minnesota for a few days then we headed to Milwaukee,WI to meet up with Abby and Matt.


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