SXSW Madness


Dear World,

I have a hole in my pants and dust in my lungs and for the last week have been desperately fighting off train-hopping crusties who keep trying to steal my back patch. You know the one with the baby tiger smoking a cigarette behind a giant cupcake?  I dont blame them, it’s kind of expected. I mean if I was in a pit and saw a patch with a kitten shooting heroine behind a giant donut I would definitely try to rip that piece of art off the back of whatever poor sucker was dumb enough to wear it into the pit at the Dead Milkmen concert. I mean who wouldnt? Thank god for loop stitching and dental floss thats all I have to say.

Speaking of the Dead Milkmen, what a show! I’ve never been so happy to get kicked in the head multiple times. Front and center Jordan NIna and I had the best view imaginable. People went crazy for 45 minutes straight. There was not a second without stagediving punks and the constant moshing and throbing of the crowd felt like a warm hug shared among thousands of really close friends. Blood was spilt and the only result was smiling faces. The MIlkmen played a fantastic set and sounded as if they were no different from the days of their youth. It was a moving experience that was surely treasured by all who were there. Fret not if you missed it though for they are embarking on a tour with their new album. Maybe if you’re lucky they will be stopping near your town.

That show was definately the highlight of SXSW except for maybe the food. I’ve never seen so many food trucks in my life. I want to live here just for the food trucks. Korean BBQ Tacos and Cupcakes out of a trailer who could ask for more?

I guess it would only be fair to say that the overall experience here in Austin has really shifted my attitude towards Texas. Who knew it was so much fun? We played a sweet house show at our friend Blake Weavers house, and for only two days of planning it was killer. We raged on hunch punch and wallowed in the chaos that followed. It was so much fun to sit in the back yard in kiddie pools and enjoy the sweet jams that poured from the deck coutesy of The Shivas (pland, ore), Saucy Yoda (Pland,ore) Mythological Horses(pland,ore) Chase Frank (Austin,TX) and the Counterpart Kids (Austin,TX). Also playing was yours truly TAMTAM. We rocked it so hard that even the cops who came to shut us down told us that we ruled and let us finish anyway.

Well I’d love to tell you all everything that happened here in Austin but Im too lazy to write a novella so this small excerpt will have to do. Just remember if you’re ever in Texas and you aint got nothing to do come down to Austin and have yourself a good time with a bunch of random cool people from all over the world.




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