Holding it down for O-Town Tour 2011 day 1&2


So being the procrastators that we are we waited to the last minute to screen patches and stickers for tour. Our great friend Matt Kamm from Telethon came over helped us screen we did a great job on the patches but the stickers were a different story we printed them all on the wrong side of the paper.

We left Orlando and headed north to Tally Nasty for the first show of tour with Chicken & Whiskey we were playing OAF House. Which was this awesome house right down the street from Hip-Hop fish and chicken. We showed up pretty early and found out there was another house show across the street at Coolifornia House with Week Teeth. So we headed over there to try and round up some sort of crowd you know how college towns can be during Spring Break.

We set up in The Shaq which was a shed behind the house we basically played the split tape then hung out with the really nice people that allowed us to stay at their house.


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