So we have been hard at work getting everything ready for tour. This morning Todd is traveling down to Plantation,FL to pick up the records we have been waiting to get into your hands it will finally happen real soon. Also we are having Mama’s Sauce print off the covers for this bad boy. Also we have recorded a split-tape with Chicken & Whiskey that we will be dropping right before we both hit the road together on the journey to Austin,TX for South By South West 2011. The cassette will be out on Godless America Records its going to be 400 on black with metallic gold imprinting 4-panel fold-out J-card with lyrics for both sides. Plus we got stickers coming in. Then we are also working on getting T-shirts printed and Patches(again) also we have some belt buckles(thanks Rawko) too.

This Friday we are playing in Atlanta,GA and we will have some First Supper’s to flip. We are playing a basement at 220 Mayson Ave. with Street Violence, The Hymens, Back Pockets, and The Chandus.

Then on Tuesday March 1st we are playing at Will’s Pub with TURBO FRUITS!!, Chicken & Whiskey, and Sexcapades. Poster by Cavan Infante coming soon…


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