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Kickstarter plus Snail’s Pace Video!


Today we launched our kickstarter to help raise money for the gas its gonna take to get us and our Astro Van all the way from Orlando to Minnesota and back.


plus here’s our Music Video its been a long time coming but we are very happy with it thanks to Blake Weaver, Caegan Meagher, and Michael Pugliese we will see you in Austin.


Worlds Greatest Basement Show


So, we arrived in Atlanta at around 10pm. It took us awhile to find the road we were suppose to turn on due toAtlanta’s weird placement of street signs. But after a few miles of granny driving we were able to find the house we suppose to be playing at on Mayson Ave. There were cars lining the street on both sides. We saw Trevor from Street Violence in the street wave us down this drive way to a sea of people. There most of been 200 people at this basement show so much so that they couldn’t even fit all in the house at one time. The band that played before was really awesome The Chandus then we have to move our equipment through the crowd of people to set up in the basement with an exposed ceiling and pretty cool lighting setup. Also they managed to score 10 cases of this malt liqour called Dog Bite it was terrible but by the time we showed up all of them were gone. So we sent Todd to the store to retrieve us what we can’t have in Florida Colt 45 40’s.
We played a great set we were told to play Reading Rainbow or else so we did. The kids were dancing so crazy they were tearing the ceiling down and hanging from it. A lonely punk rawker with a sick mohawk circle pitted by himself around a pole in the center of the basement. Atlanta kids will mosh to Yanni I swear but shit do we love each and everyone we meet in Atlanta and if we weren’t on a mission to save Orlando we would totally live there. We sold about 9 records just hustling in the crowd. We also put on in Criminal Records in Little Five Pionts so if you live in ATL and you didn’t have any money at the house party to pick up the record you can stroll down to the hip part of town and pick up on at Criminal Records.

Then we stopped in Gainesville to drop some records off at Wayward Council on the way back.


So we have been hard at work getting everything ready for tour. This morning Todd is traveling down to Plantation,FL to pick up the records we have been waiting to get into your hands it will finally happen real soon. Also we are having Mama’s Sauce print off the covers for this bad boy. Also we have recorded a split-tape with Chicken & Whiskey that we will be dropping right before we both hit the road together on the journey to Austin,TX for South By South West 2011. The cassette will be out on Godless America Records its going to be 400 on black with metallic gold imprinting 4-panel fold-out J-card with lyrics for both sides. Plus we got stickers coming in. Then we are also working on getting T-shirts printed and Patches(again) also we have some belt buckles(thanks Rawko) too.

This Friday we are playing in Atlanta,GA and we will have some First Supper’s to flip. We are playing a basement at 220 Mayson Ave. with Street Violence, The Hymens, Back Pockets, and The Chandus.

Then on Tuesday March 1st we are playing at Will’s Pub with TURBO FRUITS!!, Chicken & Whiskey, and Sexcapades. Poster by Cavan Infante coming soon…

Jernigan Post Release Show


Our good friend Gina Ortiz editor of The Jernigan Post has put together this awesome show at Will’s Pub to Celebrate the Feburary issue of the The Jernigan Post as well as her birthday. Seeing as she was a House of Dank resident and she basically had to wake up to us practicing everyday we thought that it would be only right that we play this shindig.

There will be a FREE keg of PBR till its tapped plus FREE issues of The Jernigan Post plus Wet Nurse will be releasing their Self-Titled Cassette EP on Godless America Records. A little bird told me that we will be preforming a  Birthday Song for Gina that has never been heard before so be there or be square.

The West Coast is too far


So after mulling over the logistics of going all the way to the west coast in March we decided on to tweak the tour we posted earlier here is the updated version.

Feb. 11th Jernigan Post Release show Will’s Pub 1042 North Mill’s Ave. Orlando,FL 32803
Feb. 12th Uncle Lou’s 1016 North Mill’s Ave. Orlando,FL 32803
Feb. 15th SmokeHouse 50 East Central Blvd # D Orlando, FL 32801
Feb. 25th House Show in Atlanta,GA
Feb. 26th St. Augustine,FL

Mar. 1st Turbo Fruits show Will’s Pub 1042 North Mill’s Ave. Orlando,FL 32803
Mar. 4th Lighthouse Music Video Release Show St. Augustine,FL
Mar. 10th Jacksonville,FL
Mar. 11th Tallahassee,FL
Mar. 12th Pensacola,FL
Mar. 13th Mobile,AL
Mar. 16th Austin,TX SXSW thru Mar. 20th
Mar. 21st Denton,TX
Mar. 22nd Oklahoma City,OK
Mar. 23rd Kansas City,KS
Mar. 24th Minneapolis,MN
Mar. 25th – Mar. 27th Milwaukee,WI
Mar. 28th – Mar. 30th Chicago,IL
Mar. 31st Carbondale,IL
Apr. 1st Clarksville,TN
Apr. 2nd Nashville,TN
Apr. 3rd Birmingham,AL
Apr. 4th Atlanta,GA
Apr. 5th Athens,GA
Apr. 7th Valdosta,GA
Apr. 8th Gainesville,FL
Apr. 20th White Fang show Will’s Pub 1042 North Mill’s Ave. Orlando,FL 32803
So this is the plan final and we are sticking to it so if you live in any of the cities of states listed above and want us to come rock your face please just send us an e-mail at

PS We had fucking blast in Cocoa last night at the 321 Local thanks to Architects of Fear for having us come down. We can’t wait to come back we made so many new friends.