The First Supper will soon be with us….


We having working our little butts off to get this supreme slab or wax ready for your fingers and ear drums. We are just waiting on the pressing plant there has been some problem with the press and if you know anything about the art of record pressing. You would know that they don’t make parts for these machines anymore and you pretty much have to fix everything yourself but I’ve been assured that the record should be done soon. Plus Jordan and Nina has been busy preparing the Wet Nurse cassette to come out on Godless America Records early February. Plus we are working on getting T-shirt made as well are stickers and patches again. Because we have also been hard at work on booking our next tour and its a big one. We will be going out from March 10th to April 10th we will be hitting up SXSW for sure this year then continuing out to the west coast and back.

Plus Home Shows are getting crazier Orlando is gonna blow up this year.

heres our next home show so if you live in Colonial Town or in Orlando come see us for free and donate to our friends that came all the way from Seattle.


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