Anti Poop Shit Fest


Last night was interesting and it was fun to play together again. Record is being pressed this week and we will have it  hopefully in time for our next Orlando show at Vinyl Richie’s Wiggly World of Records on November 7th.

$5 for weekend pass
& free compilation Tape/CD

Day 1
Friday November 5th
UNCLE LOU’S (VENUE CHANGE, NOT AT WILL’S ANYMORE) 8:30pm $2 w/o weekend pass
Surfin Serf
D & the Sluts
Street Violence
Cop City/Chill Pillars
Vein Cranes
Techno Box

Day 2
Saturday November 6th
Uncle Lou’s 8:00pm $2 w/o weekend pass
Slow Jams
Love Handles
Hungry Gayze
El Fossil
The Band in Heaven
Slippery Slopes

Day 3
Sunday November 7th
Wiggly World 3:00pm
Wet Nerse
Snotty Kids
Tam Tam the Sand Which Man and the Magical Sugar Cookies
Lazy Boys
Street Violence
Garbo’s Daughter


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