Halloween Lounge Act


So after my mega vacation to Clarksville,TN along with a added bonus trip to Biloxi,MS then another quick trip to New Orleans,LA then back to Clarksville,TN. I have finally secured a ride back home to Orlando,FL. This was a much needed break plus hanging out with my best friend that no longer lives in Orlando and getting tattooed by him was a huge plus. It was very much a grounding experience in that I was stoked on all the things I have accomplished but it was a reminder to stay green and I’m not talking energy here. So I plan to come back and take Orlando by storm with this record coming out and a spring tour in the works plus we will begin tracking the as of yet un-named LP to be our first release on GlowMobile Recording Company. Plus we will finally unveil that music video we shot all the way back in March.

Back to the point of this post October 30th we will be playing our first show back since my departure. It will be at The Copper Rocket Pub in Maitland,FL it will be hosted by Las Vegas’s own Sal Minelli. We will be playing with Room Full of Strangers and FishFlaps. Plus did we say its FREE!



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