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Anti Poop Shit Fest


Last night was interesting and it was fun to play together again. Record is being pressed this week and we will have it  hopefully in time for our next Orlando show at Vinyl Richie’s Wiggly World of Records on November 7th.

$5 for weekend pass
& free compilation Tape/CD

Day 1
Friday November 5th
UNCLE LOU’S (VENUE CHANGE, NOT AT WILL’S ANYMORE) 8:30pm $2 w/o weekend pass
Surfin Serf
D & the Sluts
Street Violence
Cop City/Chill Pillars
Vein Cranes
Techno Box

Day 2
Saturday November 6th
Uncle Lou’s 8:00pm $2 w/o weekend pass
Slow Jams
Love Handles
Hungry Gayze
El Fossil
The Band in Heaven
Slippery Slopes

Day 3
Sunday November 7th
Wiggly World 3:00pm
Wet Nerse
Snotty Kids
Tam Tam the Sand Which Man and the Magical Sugar Cookies
Lazy Boys
Street Violence
Garbo’s Daughter


Halloween Lounge Act


So after my mega vacation to Clarksville,TN along with a added bonus trip to Biloxi,MS then another quick trip to New Orleans,LA then back to Clarksville,TN. I have finally secured a ride back home to Orlando,FL. This was a much needed break plus hanging out with my best friend that no longer lives in Orlando and getting tattooed by him was a huge plus. It was very much a grounding experience in that I was stoked on all the things I have accomplished but it was a reminder to stay green and I’m not talking energy here. So I plan to come back and take Orlando by storm with this record coming out and a spring tour in the works plus we will begin tracking the as of yet un-named LP to be our first release on GlowMobile Recording Company. Plus we will finally unveil that music video we shot all the way back in March.

Back to the point of this post October 30th we will be playing our first show back since my departure. It will be at The Copper Rocket Pub in Maitland,FL it will be hosted by Las Vegas’s own Sal Minelli. We will be playing with Room Full of Strangers and FishFlaps. Plus did we say its FREE!


The First Supper 7″ Cover Art


So we have been working on jumping through all the hoops that it takes to make a record be born. While I’ve been camping out in Clarksville I had Cavan draw us up a special cover for the 7″ version of “The First Supper” this thing is going to be so sick. Make sure to reserve your copy today by pre-ordering at the bottom of this page. First pressing is limited to 300 on blue vinyl.

by CVMN Designs

Escape from Bro-Town


So after driving 12 hours from Clarksville,TN to Biloxi,MS we made it to the Inktober Fest. I’m having a good time this is my first tattoo convention. Its nice to meet new people that are into the same zany shit your into. I’ll be here till Sunday then we are going to hit New Orleans then back to Clarksville by late Monday. Then Gina should be coming up then finally I will make my return to Orlando just in time to play Blood Moon Fest in St. Augustine on Oct. 23rd.


Anyway I found this picture of us recording Mountain Trip to North Carolina 2009

Nina,Susana, and Jordan recording on a 4-track in the mountains

Look what I found.


Well life has been quite the roller-coaster for me lately. I was once a proud employee of Starbucks Coffee. But after sucking on the corporate cock for three years they just through out with the bath water. Then like a some kind of bad dream I get kicked out of the only real home I have ever known in Orlando so far. Then like some kind of angel my best friend and ex-roommate Cavan Infante just shows up at Ill House where I was currently surfing the couch. This was a surprise mainly because Cavan lives in Clarksville,TN. But he said that he was in town helping someone get some stuff from an ex-girlfriend’s house but he was only going to be in town for 36 hours. So it didn’t take much convinceing that hitching a ride with him up to Clarksville wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Seeing as I have recently become brunt out on all the partying and was beginning to lose touch with myself.

So I did I packed 3 shirts, 2 pants, 3 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of underwear into my chrome bag and was off to the hills of Tennessee. It was so nice to really get away and refocus. So much stuff has happened for us and Tam Tam in the last 2 years and I was needing to reflect and then get ready to charge forward. Now the place I’ve been staying is this playground for adults its No Egrets Tattoo this is no ordinary tattoo shop its also a warehouse with a stage and drums and tools lots of tools plus skate ramps and bikes motor and non-motor. Well what I’m trying to say is that its kinda like everything you ever wanted all in one place. A place where you can play drums badly with the doors open at 4am if you are so inclined. So while I’ve been up here I’ve been working on getting all the final stuff ready for GAR00003 “The First Supper” like finalize the artwork for the labels and the jacket. But just like the old saying goes you hang around a barber shop long enough you are bound to get a haircut. So I had Cavan start to pull together the sleeve on my left arm which was also very helpful to my mood, getting tattoos for me is very therapeutic .

Anyway I was getting off track I’m writing this post to tell you while having all this time to think and plan I was going through my external hard-drive which up until recently when I got my HP Mini 1000 netbook was kinda like my computer. Among tons of video footage that no one besides me will ever see I found this short kinda rock opera that we recorded in the mountains of North Carolina in 2009. These recordings were done without Todd Gerding because he couldn’t make the trip because we was being a pizza slut delivering pitzer pies in the band van. So this songs are just me and Nina Chaplin and Susana Chaplin. Nina was playing an acoustic  guitar and Susana was playing this kids keyboard I bought at K-mart and I had constructed a drum set out of a coat rack and a cheese-grader plus a mini cow-bell that was on the front door of the cabin we were staying in. This was done on my Tascam Porta-Studio One the same one we used on GAR00001 “Dirty Little Faggot Secrets” and just 2 mics. I hope you enjoy.